Wake County DSS- Social Service workers - Allison Thompson, Sue ***, and Multiple ones at the Swinburnie Office as well are CORRUPT SOCIAL WORKERS.

Sue Ingles is a nasty little OLD witch. Sue is manipulative AND A LIAR.

Allison Thompson fabricated an entire report to the courts in order to remove and keep children from coming home along with her other wicked co workers.

All the workers I have come in contact with continue to destroy families in Wake County. The residents of Wake County should work together to call THE Social Service Commission to report the abuse, lies, and games these people play. They ruin the children lives when they are removed and kept away from their families FOR NO REASON. The worker are horrible at assessing families needs. They get real reports everyday on real child abuse and neglect cases but fail to remove kids from the unsafe homes. When they do remove kids they only place them back in an abusive situation and turn their back on the children when they cry out for help after being RAPED, MOLESTED, and ABUSED IN FOSTER CARE. Look at what happened in UNION COUNTY. Its a lot more DSS WORKER OUT HERE DOING THE SAME THING SUE LAWSON DID. ALL the worker try to cover everyone lies. Their maybe some good DSS Workers in Wake County, but Im sure they quit once they see how CORRUPT their co workers are. I know GOD will not let this corruption go on for long. The Family court JUDGES AND COURT APPOINTED LAWYERS ARE IN ON THE CORRUPTION TOO. its will only be a matter of time before they are all under investigation.

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